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Other Practice Areas

Your life is more than just the sum of the assets you've accumulated; it's the relationships, the interests and passions, the memories, and so much more.

More Than Just Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning and elder law cover all aspects of a person's life and often involve multiple areas of law. At Davidson Law Group, we can assist you in these areas to ensure that your legacy is properly protected.

Estate Tax Planning

Understanding how generational wealth can be preserved is a matter of some complexity and might involve a conversation around estate taxes. The attorneys at Davidson Law Group are prepared to guide you through the specifics as it may apply to your situation, but we'd like to provide some basic information prior to your consultation.


Age, disease, and accidents may deprive a person of the capability to care for one's personal and/or financial needs. In some cases, guardianships can serve as a "last resort" option if alternative approaches will not suffice. At Davidson Law Group, our guardianship attorneys are compassionate and experienced advocates for our clients and their families.

Wealth Protection

In everything we do at Davidson Law Group, wealth protection is a major consideration. No matter the type of planning your situation warrants, our attorneys will use all of the tools at their disposal to make sure that you and your family stay in control of your assets and that your estate passes to the beneficiaries of your choice, preserving your Texas legacy.

Business Planning

It can be quite difficult to navigate the multiple avenues of business law. From entity formation to developing a business succession plan, the attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help ensure your business is protected as part of your estate plan.

Gun Trusts

Understanding the law surrounding the possession of firearms is of utmost importance. The attorneys at Davidson Law Group can guide you through this legislation so that you can be more confident in your gun use and ownership.

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4.7 stars | 84 reviews
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