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4.7 stars | 84 reviews

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Throughout the estate planning process, you'll collaborate with a variety of professional advisors, including bankers, financial advisors, brokers, accountants, tax advisors, and others. Davidson Law Group is committed to a team-based approach, working alongside these advisors to develop a comprehensive and personalized estate plan for our clients. Our collaborative strategy fosters open communication among your different advisors, ensuring a seamless estate planning process.

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Every client comes with unique needs, but we always commence with a free initial consultation and a questionnaire to evaluate their estate planning requirements and objectives. During this consultation, we delve deep into the issues and decisions essential for crafting a personalized estate plan tailored to the client's needs. Subsequently, our fees are determined based on the individual and the specific details of the estate plan.
Once we've identified the client's needs and established the individualized plan, we initiate the estate planning process. We maintain constant communication with the client, covering document signing, goal assessment, and a comprehensive review of all estate planning options. We firmly believe in consistently serving our clients and fostering a trustworthy relationship through ongoing phone calls, emails, and face-to-face meetings to create and maintain the most effective estate plan.
Even after the estate plan is established and all necessary documents are executed, our commitment to our clients endures. We collaborate with them and their professional advisors to ensure alignment and proper funding. Our clients can always reach out with any questions, and we remain accessible through phone calls, emails, and our blog posts.

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At Davidson Law Group, we recognize that each professional organization and advisor operates uniquely. We collaborate as a team to devise the most efficient approach for serving our shared clients. Our estate planning attorneys are readily adaptable to tailor our processes to align with the objectives and requirements of our clients.

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4.7 stars | 84 reviews
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