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Elder Law

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Planning For Uncertainty

The elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group recognize that aging can present unique challenges that need to be addressed even beyond a traditional estate plan. We understand the intricacies of the law surrounding nursing home costs and Medicaid, and we can help you protect your assets from the ever-increasing cost of long-term care. If you need help with retirement planning, life insurance, Medicaid benefits qualification, nursing home expenses, or medical powers of attorney, our elder law attorneys are here for you.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law is an area of practice at our firm in which we help you find solutions for issues that arise as you age and face the prospect of long-term care.

Elder Law Tools (Lady Bird Deed & Powers of Attorney)

A Lady Bird Deed is a powerful elder law planning tool.  When executed correctly, a Lady Bird Deed can prevent creditors, including the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program, from attaching to the family home after one's passing. 

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This allows an individual who is in need of long-term care to receive government assistance, including Medicaid and VA benefits, without risking the loss of the family home.

Powers of Attorney are the foundational elder law planning tools.  As we age, we face more and more medical issues, so it is extremely important for everyone to execute a Medical Power of Attorney to someone to make healthcare decisions for him/her in the event of mental incapacitation.

Protecting Assets While Affording Long-Term Care

The elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group know several strategies for keeping your assets and family safe through proactive planning.

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Protecting Your Family's Future

The sooner you begin elder law planning, the sooner your estate and assets will have protection from pricey nursing home costs, spend down of wealth, and Medicaid liens. It is extremely urgent that you begin working on your plan because there is a five-year waiting period for the plan to be fully in effect. These plans are very unique in that you can maintain control over your assets and finances while simultaneously protecting them from the government, creditors, and Medicaid. We have seen too many families basically impoverished by failing to plan for long-term care, and particularly if your children rely on your property or your home, you don’t want these assets to be liquidated because you don’t have a plan for how to pay for a skilled nursing facility or other forms of long-term healthcare. These plans are especially important for families who have real estate like a family farm or ranch because, without a proper plan in place, Medicaid can put a lien on real estate and eventually take it from your family. But with a well-implemented elder law plan, you can ensure that the legacy of family real estate stays in the family for generations to come.

Next Steps For Your Parent(s)

At Davidson Law Group, our elder law attorneys provide elder law crisis planning for families and individuals who are facing imminent long-term care costs and are concerned about the draining of their assets by Medicaid or the nursing home. We can explain how to protect your assets in your free consultation.

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Avoiding a Spend-Down

For many years, it has been believed that the only way to keep Medicaid or the nursing home from draining all your assets is to spend them down until there is nothing left. This is not true.  There are multiple options within our elder law crisis planning approach. No one should have to choose between the achievements of a lifetime of hard work and their health.
Elder law crisis planning is simply creating a unique plan that protects as much of an estate as possible when an individual is facing imminent long-term care. You can then use these assets to provide for a spouse who is not living in a nursing home, supplement the finances of the person living in a nursing home, and then pass the remainder as an inheritance to beneficiaries. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to help create a plan that is right for you and your family using all the tools at their disposal including Miller Trusts and Lady Bird Deeds. Don’t face this crisis alone; let Davidson Law Group start working on your or your loved one’s elder law crisis plan today.

What You Can Do To Prevent Long-Term Care Crisis

Davidson Law Group will offer the knowledge and foresight you need to stay protected.

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