Why You Need an Elder Law Attorney to Help With Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid provides health coverage to more than 7.2 million low-income seniors who are also eligible for Medicare. Medicaid also covers 4.8 million people with disabilities who receive Medicare benefits. Medicaid can provide crucial assistance for people who need long-term care or are looking to move into an assisted living facility. In today’s blog from Davidson Law Group, we explain the reasons why you need an elder law attorney to help with Medicaid eligibility requirements

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Fundamental requirements for Medicaid eligibility include:

  • Medical Necessity. A healthcare professional must confirm that an individual needs 24-hour skilled nursing care.
  • Gross income under $2,349 per month.
  • Countable assets under $2,000.

These sound simple enough. Assets exempt from the $2,000 limit are a prepaid burial policy, certain life insurance policies, one vehicle, and a home. An elder law attorney can explain to you the specifics of what assets you can declare and still maintain eligibility for Medicaid assistance. Countable assets become more complicated if you’re married, especially if just one person in the married couple applies for Medicaid.

Time Frames

Medicaid has limits of 20 days for full coverage or 100 days of long-term care with a daily co-pay. An elder law attorney can help you determine how best to manage these time frames for Medicaid eligibility, particularly if you or your loved one are going to need long-term care for more than 100 days. We’ll help you come up with a plan.

Accurate Paperwork

Because Medicaid is a government-funded program and administered by each state, accurate paperwork is crucial to getting the benefits you deserve. Our elder law experts know how to navigate the application process to make sure you submit accurate paperwork the first time to mitigate and eliminate delays related to your Medicaid eligibility. 

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Medicaid Eligibility at Davidson Law Group

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