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Sometimes families don’t talk about estate planning with each other. Some parents may not even tell their kids about a will. Others may inform their children but fail to discuss the specifics. If the surviving family members don’t know the contents or location of the original will, where do they begin? Who gets what? Today, […]

If you want to leave property to a loved one with a disability, you must plan carefully. Setting up a Special Needs Trust will help support your loved one after you pass. But, there are many important things to know before you get started. In today’s blog, the estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group […]

What happens when a family member passes away, but he or she has unpaid debt? Do relatives have to pay off the liabilities? Today, the estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group help to explain debt and wills. Receiving and Forgiving Debts First, it’s important to understand how to receive and forgive debts. If someone […]

When a family member or friend passes away, their loved ones must begin the process of following the instructions they have left behind in their will. A carefully written will includes directions for the beneficiaries and the assets to be inherited. Often, the will is intended to divide assets equally between beneficiaries, such as children […]

With internet access and endless information at your fingertips, it’s easy to find out how to do just about anything yourself. However, when it comes to legal matters, it’s not such a great idea. Writing your will without the help of a wills and trusts attorney could be a big mistake. Today in the Davidson […]

Estate planning attorneys work closely with clients to assist in the drafting of wills and other legal documents. They are often involved in the redrafting of these documents when homeowners decide to convert home equity into money to afford retirement. In the United States, homeowners who have reached the age of 62 or older are able […]

The concept of writing your will doesn’t seem so complicated, so why do you need a wills and trusts attorney to do it for you? Plus, you don’t even need to make a will, right? These are just two of many common misconceptions concerning wills, and unfortunately, if you choose to believe them, you may […]

Wills and Trusts Attorney Explains the Difference Between the Two Wills and trusts serve very similar functions, so it’s common that people get them confused. Both pertain to the distribution of a person’s assets to friends and relatives. But the differences between the two are much greater than their similarities, so it’s important to understand […]