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The estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group understand you want to have a lot of assets to leave for your loved ones after you pass away. There are specific strategies you can utilize to achieve this, one of which is to diversify your portfolio. We explain some tips for diversifying your retirement planning portfolio […]

You spent years setting up your retirement nest egg through a diverse portfolio of savings accounts, IRAs, 401k plans, mutual funds, and stock investments. Then you see the stock market plummet. There are fears of a recession.  Yet seeing the stock market and economy tank isn’t all gloom and doom. You can still engage in […]

Some people are able to retire earlier than others. While many folks have dreams of early retirement, it may not always be best for their situation. If you’re nearing retirement, you may have some questions and concerns, and the Davidson Law Group is here to provide guidance. Today, our elder law attorneys share some things […]

Mildred and her husband George retired together to a beautiful ranch in North Texas. Soon after their retirement, Mildred’s husband passed away. This was a terrible shock for Mildred and her family — an adult daughter and four grandchildren. Mildred was suddenly faced with dozens of important questions and responsibilities, from paying the mortgage (“Where […]