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Intestacy in Texas – What You Need to Know Intestacy refers to the status of someone’s estate who dies without a will. When a person has died intestate in Texas, his/her estate goes through probate court and the state laws will control how to distribute the assets. In a previous blog post, we addressed the […]

Probate Attorneys Explain Ancillary Probate in Texas If you have a loved one who owned real estate property and has passed away, there are a lot of things to consider. When it comes to wills and trusts, the legal process can be complicated, especially if your loved one lived out-of-state. In this blog, the probate […]

Probate Attorney: What Are Three Probate Alternatives in Texas? Probate is the process through which a deceased person’s estate is distributed to heirs and beneficiaries. Real estate can often be a part of the decedent’s estate. Do you know how property is commonly handled during the probate process in Texas? Previously on the blog, we […]

Probate Attorney Discusses Why a Person May Contest a Will Once the testator of a will passes away, their will moves to probate. Probate is the standard judiciary process of validating a will and seeing that the testator’s affairs, such as debts and outstanding expenses, are accounted for. A common complication during probate is that […]