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Common Misconceptions About Powers of Attorney Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that enables someone to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf. This person, called your agent, is allowed to make decisions if you are unable to because you become ill or incapacitated. Granting power of attorney is a serious decision, […]

What Are the Key Parts of Estate Planning? Many estate plans are made to protect loved ones and provide for their future needs. While you’ve probably been advised to create an estate plan, you may not know what the procedure entails and how to make one. In today’s blog, the Davidson Law Group attorneys outline […]

When Should I Start Estate Planning? One of the questions we most often receive is “When should I begin my estate planning?” The reality is, it is never too early to begin planning for worst-case scenarios. Someone entering their early twenties should absolutely get in touch with an estate planning attorney to ensure their loved […]

Why You Should Talk to Your Estate Attorney After Your Divorce Divorce is a messy and emotional business and can leave you open to financial loss, especially where your estate is concerned. To protect the interests of your heirs, speaking to an estate attorney after a divorce is a good idea. In fact, sometimes an […]

An Estate Attorney Answers: What Does Power of Attorney Really Mean? Most of us have heard the phrase “power of attorney”, but that does not necessarily mean everyone truly understands what it means. In a previous blog, our estate attorney covered the basics of choosing someone to give the power of attorney to, but what […]

Advice from an Estate Planning Attorney: The Do’s and Don’ts Estate planning is vital to ensuring the care of your family and your legacy. Because it is so important, seeking the assistance of a skilled and experienced estate planning attorney is in your best interest. Many people tend to avoid estate planning because planning for […]