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The Davidson Law Group Explains How Living Trusts Avoid Probate As you plan for the future, you want to leave as much of your money as possible to your children and other heirs. If you have a large estate, you also want to avoid probate and probate fees.   In previous blog posts, we discussed […]

A living trust is a legal document that provides clear instructions on how one’s assets should be disbursed after death. A living trust is similar to a will but does not have to go through the probate process. In a previous blog post, we identified the benefits of a living trust. Today, the wills and […]

Davidson Law Group Shares Some Things to Know About Living Trusts Living trusts can offer substantial advantages for managing estates before-death and after-death as well. Whether a living revocable trust is right for you depends on your circumstances. Consultation with a qualified attorney should always be a part of your estate planning. Today, the experts […]

A Probate Lawyer Explains What Won’t Go Through Probate In a previous blog, we discussed items you should leave out of a will. The reason you leave most of those items out is that they’re not subject to go through probate, so it becomes necessary to leave them in a will. That being said, you […]

Very few Americans actually have a living trust, but they are missing out on several intriguing benefits that come with having one. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between a living trust and a will as well as the benefits of either, Davidson Law Group has those answers for you. Living Trust Defined A […]