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Davidson Law Group Explains the Pros and Cons of Adult Guardianship If you have a loved one who is intellectually or physically disabled, you may need to consider legal guardianship or conservatorship. Whatever your unique circumstances may be, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of adult guardianship so you can make the best […]

Writing a will maximizes the value of your estate, protects your interests and reduces the chances of litigation or family disputes. However, if you haven’t started your will, be aware of some common mistakes that can cause problems for your heirs. In today’s blog, the wills and trusts attorneys at Davidson Law Group identify four […]

The Elder Law Attorneys at Davidson Law Group understand that aging often presents some unique legal challenges beyond a traditional estate plan. There are intricate laws surrounding nursing home costs, Medicaid, and Medicare. In today’s blog, our elder law experts take a look at some common reasons people need an elder law expert. Long-Term Care […]

Elder Law Attorney Advises on Appointing Guardianship As with the selection of the proper elder law attorney and estate executor, appointing a guardian to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so is an important decision. It should be made carefully and with much consideration and research. In order to understand […]