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Writing a will maximizes the value of your estate, protects your interests and reduces the chances of litigation or family disputes. However, if you haven’t started your will, be aware of some common mistakes that can cause problems for your heirs. In today’s blog, the wills and trusts attorneys at Davidson Law Group identify four […]

For many business owners, their company makes up a large part of their identity. Building a company from the ground up is a unique personal success that proud owners may want to pass on to their loved ones. It can be difficult for an owner to discuss succession, but at some point, they will have […]

The number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s is growing fast — an estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages have the disease. In today’s blog, the expert elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group discuss the details of Alzheimer’s, including signs, symptoms, stages, and treatments. Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s Although Alzheimer’s and dementia are sometimes used […]

Davidson Law Group Discusses Business Succession Planning A business succession plan set up by a business law attorney at Davidson Law Group provides the owner or partner of a business with a proper exit strategy that does not compromise the success of the business. In today’s blog, the experts at Davidson Law Group look closer […]

At Davidson Law Group, we understand that estate planning is different for each person and family, and building an estate plan can require many different elements depending upon the unique needs of the client. There are, however, some things about estate planning that everyone should know. In today’s blog, our estate attorneys share some of […]

Today, in the United States, almost half a million households report owning a firearm. Furthermore, gun owners have to stay abreast of roughly 20,000 gun-related laws. With gun laws only becoming more and more complex, it’s a good idea to get some help when it comes to transferring ownership, and that’s where Davidson Law Group […]

If you’re the executor of an estate, you’re undertaking a fairly big responsibility. This responsibility can sometimes be overwhelming. You certainly don’t want to mess anything up, but obviously, an executorship isn’t something many people have a lot of experience dealing with. It’s easy to slip up and make a mistake. Today in the Davidson […]

While planning for the later stages of your life may seem unpleasant, it does not have to be. It is important to prepare for your elder years before they arrive, and that includes a potential stay at a nursing home. The best way to become informed and properly plan the details of a stay at […]

One of the sometimes forgotten parts of estate planning is including digital assets in your will. In today’s society, more and more aspects of our lives are digital. To properly sift through your digital assets and leave them in your will, it’s best to consult an estate attorney. Today in the Davidson Law Group blog, […]