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A living trust is a legal document that provides clear instructions on how one’s assets should be disbursed after death. A living trust is similar to a will but does not have to go through the probate process. In a previous blog post, we identified the benefits of a living trust. Today, the wills and […]

Davidson Law Group Shares Some Things to Know About Living Trusts Living trusts can offer substantial advantages for managing estates before-death and after-death as well. Whether a living revocable trust is right for you depends on your circumstances. Consultation with a qualified attorney should always be a part of your estate planning. Today, the experts […]

When our loved ones are in good health, we don’t think about things like conservatorship. However, if someone can’t make important decisions for themselves, a judge will appoint a person called a conservator to make those decisions. Decisions made by a conservator have the legal backing of the court. The conservator might be appointed to […]

Davidson Law Group Advice: Should You Keep, Rent, or Sell an Inherited Home? When you inherit a home, you have a choice to make. Do you want to sell it, rent it out, or do you want to keep it? This decision isn’t necessarily an easy one to make. There are several things you should […]

If you’ve been named the administrator of someone’s estate, you’ll have to make sure all of their assets are distributed fairly and correctly after their passing. This isn’t exactly an enviable task, but it is a necessary one. More than likely, you don’t have a lot of experience dealing with this kind of task, so […]

There are a variety of insurance policies you’ll have to choose throughout your life. Car insurance and home insurance are certainly important, and it’s good to compare plans, but perhaps the most important policy decision you’ll make is when you choose your life insurance. Today in the Davidson Law Group blog, our estate attorneys will […]

Estate Lawyer: Underage Beneficiaries When you create a will with an estate lawyer, one of the most important steps is choosing your beneficiaries. These are the people you have selected to receive your estate’s assets. It is extremely common for people to leave a gift or even the majority of their estate to their children. […]

The person you put in charge of managing your estate is the executor. They are in charge of gathering your assets, paying any outstanding debts, and distributing your remaining assets to any of your chosen beneficiaries. If tragedy strikes and your executor dies before being able to complete their duties, you may be wondering what […]

Estate Planning: Adjusting Your Estate After Divorce Divorce is a legal action that impacts much more than simply the couple’s relationship. Divorce also has a major impact on the couple’s estate planning, including any wills. While each state has specific laws regarding divorce and estate planning, including Texas, speaking with an attorney that specializes in […]

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Elder Law Attorney While it isn’t always pleasant to talk about, it is no less true that as you age, things become more uncertain. Eventually, finding an elder law attorney will be a necessity, especially for people with long-term health care needs. Aging presents a unique set of challenges […]