Reasons You Need an Elder Law Attorney

The Elder Law Attorneys at Davidson Law Group understand that aging often presents some unique legal challenges beyond a traditional estate plan. There are intricate laws surrounding nursing home costs, Medicaid, and Medicare. In today’s blog, our elder law experts take a look at some common reasons people need an elder law expert.

Long-Term Care

Managing a care plan for your loved one is difficult and very expensive. However, an elder law attorney can find legal standing for why your loved one deserves assistance. Also, an elder law attorney can advocate for public programs to offset costs. If your loved one is not eligible for cost-reducing programs, an elder law attorney can help with the process of liquidating assets.

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Healthcare Planning

An elder law attorney is important when you’re trying to navigate the landscape of Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is an automatic benefit for Americans after a certain age. Combining with Medicaid can help pay for care. An elder law attorney can help you navigate the system and limits to eligibility.

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If you are the adult child or another caretaker of an older individual who is showing signs of incapacity, it may be time to consider guardianship. Petitioning for guardianship is best accomplished with the assistance of an experienced elder law attorney to ensure that the process moves along without major obstacles.

VA and Social Security Benefits

As a senior, you may be entitled to certain benefits such as Social Security and Veterans Benefits. Sometimes, however, getting approved for these benefits is an uphill battle. If you find yourself struggling to get approved for benefits to which you are entitled, it’s time to consult an attorney. Also, if you are unsure what benefits you may be entitled to as a senior and/or veteran or survivor of a veteran, it may be a good idea to sit down with an elder law attorney and review your options.

Davidson Law Attorneys Can Guide You

At Davidson Law Group, our elder law attorneys can help protect your assets from the rising cost of long-term care and nursing home expenses. Elder law issues are not decisions that should be put off. If you or a loved one are facing aging issues and need some guidance, contact us today. We have an office in Fort Worth, Allen, and Tyler.