What Questions Should You Ask Your Estate Lawyer

Estate Lawyer: What Questions Should Be Asked?

Nobody has ever walked into a law office with a spring in their step to discuss estate planning. Hiring an estate lawyer is a vital and important step in one’s life, but it is never one that we want to think about – and it’s certainly not a step that we actually want to take. Why would we? Nobody wants to confront their mortality and that is exactly what estate planning does. It isn’t fun, but it is necessary and finding the right lawyer is the first step. In today’s blog, the Davidson Law Group looks at some questions that you should ask when trying to find the right estate planning attorney.

What is the Experience Level of the Estate Lawyer?

The first and arguably most important question that you should ask of a potential estate lawyer is what kind of experience they have. The answer will vary based on your needs, but you will always be better off going with more experience rather than less. You also want to look for the quality of their experience. They may have a big client base and a very diversified portfolio, but what kind of service did they provide? You would rather have a lawyer with a smaller portfolio that provides better service than a lawyer with a more robust portfolio who doesn’t serve their clients as well.

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What Services Are Being Offered?

While elder law and estate planning is an ultimate service with an ultimate end, there are many types of services that can go into it. Are you wanting to grow your family assets or simply protect them? Do you already have a plan or are you starting from the ground up? These are questions with any number of potential service answers and having an estate lawyer that covers a variety of different plans and options is very valuable.

What Happens When a Crisis Hits?

The biggest complaint about insurance or future planning of all kinds is that when the crisis actually hits, the coverage and services don’t fulfill the need. You are paying for car insurance each month, but what happens when you are in an accident? You are paying for health insurance each month, but what happens when you are injured or get sick? The same question should be asked of an estate lawyer. If something unexpected happens, either directly or indirectly related to your estate, is the lawyer willing to go the extra mile to accommodate the needs of you and your family?

Davidson Law Group Is Your Solution

None of these questions are easy to answer, but the estate lawyer services at Davidson Law Group will go above and beyond your expectations. Our firm works diligently to offer peace of mind for our clients to ensure that their estate planning needs are met. Contact us today in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler for more information.