Probate Lawyer: Five Benefits of Avoiding Probate Court

Five Benefits of Avoiding Probate Court, According to our Probate Lawyer

Probate is a very important legal procedure when it comes to transferring your assets to who you want, but any probate lawyer will advise you to opt-out of probate court if at all possible. At Davidson Law Group, we tell our clients to avoid probate court at all costs, for several reasons. In today’s blog post, our probate lawyer will look specifically at five benefits to avoiding probate court.

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#1. It Will Save You Money

At the end of the day, the biggest reason why avoiding probate court is important to many clients is because it will save them money. The cost of the probate process can range anywhere from three to seven percent of the estate’s value. That number also varies based on attorney fees and the length of the process. Avoiding probate court will keep those legal fees in your pocket and make sure that you don’t hand over part of your estate’s value to the courts.

#2. It Will Save You Time

The probate court process is a lengthy one. Typically, the probate process will take around a year, with that number going up for more complicated estates. Probate is a long and drawn-out process, which makes for a hassle, especially if your estate is bigger and more difficult to rifle through. Not only is probate extensive, but it’s also slow-moving, which could leave your assets in the legal shuffle for a significant period of time.

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#3. It Will Keep Your Personal Dealings Private

Another negative to probate court is that it is a public hearing. What this means is that the proceedings are public record, so everybody who wants to see them has the ability to. While this might not matter to some, others would rather keep their family dealings private. And this isn’t just for families with notoriety. Even if your records would go untouched and unseen, it’s important for some to keep these records private.

#4. It Will Save You Stress

Regardless of why you are there, the court is always stressful. You are scrambling to pay your lawyers, have the right paperwork done, and get to the proper hearings. It can be frustrating as the process ever so slowly moves forward, which can also impact your decisions and cause you to spend more money. A year-long court proceeding will never go without stress, and our probate lawyer recommends bypassing it altogether if possible.

#5. It Will Protect Your Assets

The probate lawyers are committed to protecting your assets, and the best way to do that is to settle them without taking them to court. In private proceedings, you have control of your assets, and the only other people with access to them are your attorneys who represent you.
Bringing your assets into the public square introduces a third-party, a party that could be categorized as a wild card. Avoiding court is the best way to protect your estate.

The Probate Lawyers at Davidson Law Group Can Help

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