Estate Planning |

The estate planning attorneys at the Davidson Law Group provide you with guidance on creating a plan that protects and secures your estate for the next generation. Components of an estate plan potentially include wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. We believe it is very important that you maintain control over your assets while protecting them, so if you want to add beneficiaries, shuffle assets around, or give some of your estate to charity, our firm is a good fit for you. Regardless of the unique circumstances we are presented with, if it matters to you and your family, it matters to us. We offer flexible estate plans that are resilient enough to weather any storm, and we also maintain strong relationships with our clients so we are working together every step of the way.

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| Elder Law

The elder law attorneys at the Davidson Law Group recognize that aging can present unique challenges that need to be addressed even beyond a traditional estate plan. We understand the intricacies of the law surrounding nursing home costs, Medicaid, and Medicare, and we can help you protect your assets from the ever-increasing cost of nursing homes and long-term care. If you need help with retirement planning, life insurance, Medicaid and Medicare, nursing home expenses, or medical powers of attorney, the elder law attorneys at the Davidson Law Group are here for you.

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Wealth Protection |

In everything we do at the Davidson Law Group, wealth protection is a major consideration. Whether it be in estate planning, elder law, business planning, veteran benefits law, probate, estate administration, trust administration, alternatives to probate, 1031 exchange law, or gun trust law. Our attorneys will work to make sure that you and your family stay in control of your assets and that your estate then passes to the beneficiaries of your choice, preserving your Texas Legacy.

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| Business Planning

At the Davidson Law Group, our business planning attorneys know the stress and difficulties involved in navigating the laws surrounding your business. Your livelihood is tied to your business’s success, and planning to retire from your business can be a nightmare. Our law firm guides you through the tricky waters of entity formation and business law, and since business planning, estate planning, elder law, and probate are all intricately tied together, we will take a comprehensive approach to your business and your estate. We can assist you with entity formation, work with you to build a business succession plan, and help ensure that your business is protected in your estate plan.

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Veteran Benefits |

Navigating veteran benefits can be extremely confusing. At the Davidson Law Group, we work to help you receive the veteran care and benefits you have earned. We have studied VA laws and understand how to get you the benefits you earned in the quickest and most efficient ways. Do not get lost in the dense thicket of convoluted legal language in government forms and requests; just contact us, and we’ll help you figure things out so you can receive your veteran benefits as soon as possible. The issue in most cases is that many veterans are not fully aware of all the benefits for which they are actually eligible, and that is why you should consult with an attorney at the Davidson Law Group so they can aid you in receiving the benefits you earned by serving our country.

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| Probate, Estate Administration,
& Trust Administration

At the Davidson Law Group, we strive to help all of our clients avoid the hassle and expense of probate, but we also understand that sometimes people are forced into inevitable probate situations; so, if you or a loved one is facing the distribution of an estate after death, we can guide you through the full probate process as well as all possible alternatives to probate. Probate can be a long, drawn out court process regardless of whether a loved one passed away without a will or with a proper will, and we will be there every step of the way to make sure that the estate is distributed properly and closed with every detail appropriately addressed. Even if your loved one prepared enough to be able to avoid probate, there are still procedural steps which need to be followed in order to complete the process, so we will also guide you through the steps of trust administration. Whether you are facing a probate case in court and need to know where to start for estate administration, or whether you need assistance with trust administration outside of court, the Davidson Law Group can assist you today.

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| 1031 Exchanges

If you are selling investment real estate and are looking for a way to defer paying capital gains taxes on that property, contact the Davidson Law Group today to find out how we can assist with saving you money with a 1031 exchange.

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| Gun Trusts

Gun laws are numerous and complex, but the gun trust attorneys at the Davidson Law Group understand these laws and can guide you. If you need assistance in owning certain firearms in a special gun trust, contact us today. We serve the greater Dallas area with offices in Fort Worth, Allen, and Tyler.

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