Practical Ways to Preserve Mental Health for Seniors

Tips for Boosting Your Mental Health Later in Life

These days, one out of every five seniors experiences depression or poor mental health. While some issues are unavoidable due to old age, there are steps you can take to protect your wellbeing. As an individual, you can take active steps to preserve your mental health and remain in control of your financial and legal circumstances. Today in the Davidson Law Group blog, we give you practical ways to help you stay mentally well.  

Be Prepared for Changes

Getting older and retirement both involve a change in lifestyle for most people. Not everyone feels ready to retire at the same time. If you want or need to keep working, discuss this with your employer. You may see this as an opportunity to work part-time, start your own business, or find a new career. Pursuing new learning and work is not just for young people!

Your career is a major part of your financial picture, so think about how you can best deal with changes to your financial security as you move towards retirement. Your career is also a major part of your identity and values, so be prepared to handle adjustments to your professional life with a resilient sense of purpose and self-esteem.

Remember that being retired can still be a busy life. Friends and family can fill your calendar with anything from childcare to DIY home improvement. It is important to prioritize your own interests and consider the skills you have that can be put to good use. This could be a unique opportunity to try a new activity or volunteer with a local community organization.

Maintain Relationships

You weren’t meant to go through life alone. The root of good mental health is maintaining good relationships. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or neighbors, your relationships provide a support system that helps you cope with life’s troubles. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with others is a proven way to handle stress. However, conversations don’t have to all be about challenges. Share enjoyable events too.

Sometimes friendship takes effort, but today’s advancements in technology enable you to stay connected to those who are important to you. While you may have friends and family scattered around the country, consider keeping in touch by email, phone, Skype, or Facebook. Remember that it’s never too late to get back in touch with old friends. Also, don’t be afraid to make new friends – perhaps through a shared hobby, such as reading, volunteering, or traveling.

Relax and Have a Break

Being retired or semi-retired may appear to others as a permanent vacation, but the reality is different. There are still chores that need to be completed, such as car repairs, cleaning, financial paperwork, and shopping. While creating a busy routine can give structure to your life, it’s important to take a break to refresh the body and mind.

A break doesn’t need to be overly long — just enough time to recharge your batteries. How do you enjoy spending your free time? Do you read books, call friends on the phone, or simply relax with a cup of tea? Whether it’s just for an hour on Sunday morning or a weeklong adventure, find what relaxes you and spend time doing it!

Davidson Attorneys are Here for You

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