Practical Strategies for Dementia Caregivers

Our Elder Law Attorneys Look at How to Care For a Loved One With Dementia

If you have a relative who suffers from dementia, you’re not the only one.

While the future of your loved one’s health may bring uncertainty and stress, there is hope to protect your loved one and their assets. But before a realistic plan can be executed, it’s important to know how to relate to your older loved one with dementia. In today’s blog, the trusted elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group give practical ways to care for dementia patients.

Keep the Same Routines

It’s common for dementia patients to become agitated by noise, clutter, and unfamiliarity. Keep furniture and household objects in the same places, including photos and personal items. This will allow you to maintain structure and stability. You also offer them a sense of security by returning to good memories in a caring conversation.

Your Attitude and Body Language Matter

Have a gentle, positive approach when caring for your loved one. When you speak to them in a pleasant and respectful tone, you create a positive interaction even in the most difficult circumstances. Use facial expressions to display your feelings and add a little humor whenever possible. Your older adult will respond better to simple words and easily answerable yes-or-no questions.

Divide Activities Into Steps

Make tasks more feasible by separating activities into an achievable sequence. You’ll be an uplifting presence as you push your older adult to do what he/she can, without doing too much. It may involve them getting regular exercise, telling a story from their past, or eating nutritious foods.

Talk About Medical Choices and Decisions

It’s not easy to have conservations about medical options, but your older adult will thank you in the long run. Legal documents such as wills or power of attorney are often delayed because the conversation can be difficult. But when you discuss the end of life choices and complete paperwork before a health emergency arises, you can have greater peace of mind and also avoid legal problems during a crisis. Above all else, do your best to honor your loved one’s wishes.  

Hire an Elder Law Attorney

If you or a loved one faces long-term healthcare, many challenges await. Caregiving can be quite tiresome, and you weren’t meant to do it alone. Through crisis and proactive planning, the elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group dedicate themselves to finding solutions for your loved one in times of uncertainty. With three offices in North Texas, let us help you protect your Texas legacy today.