Our Elder Law Attorneys Explain Ways to Stay Active at Your Nursing Home

Nursing homes can be wonderful places for seniors to live if they need regular skilled health care. Assisted living facilities are also great ways for seniors to stay active and social as they schedule regular activities for residents. Davidson Law Group’s elder law attorneys showcase ways to stay active at your nursing home.

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First, Talk to the Activities Director

Great nursing homes have an activities director. Talk to the activities director about what’s available. When you fill out forms to apply for a nursing home, you’ll typically state what activities you enjoy the most. Be honest in this assessment. If you really enjoy quilting and playing cards, then state that. An activities director can put you in touch with other residents who have similar interests. Our elder law attorneys want you to enjoy your nursing home as much as possible!

Discuss Physical Activity With Your Doctor

You should discuss appropriate physical activity with your doctor. That’s because not all seniors have the same physical abilities. Someone with arthritis or limited mobility may not have the same physical abilities as other residents. 

Even so, there are plenty of physical movements seniors can do. Consider stretches that you can do in a chair. Water aerobics is a popular activity for people with low mobility. Nursing homes often have physical therapists or occupational therapists to come in and evaluate residents. Our elder law experts suggest you ask your nursing home staff what’s available in terms of regular care after talking to your doctor.

Low-Impact Activities

Some physical activity is better than none. Start with low-impact activities, whether you’re simply playing cards with a group of friends, going over the latest stamps you received in the mail, or exchanging stories with people over dinner. Simple stretches, balance exercises, and tai chi are all great low-impact physical activities. Going for a walk outdoors and gardening also have a low impact on your body while allowing you to get some physical activity. Nursing homes typically have groups that participate in these activities.

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