Elder Law Attorneys: Medicare Outlook for 2019

Medicare is essentially government health insurance for individuals over age 65 with limited coverage.

A new year means new Medicare benefits. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is making Medicare better for beneficiaries. Read today’s blog from the attorneys at Davidson Law Group to learn more about these benefits.

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2019 Outlook

Medicare Advantage provides coverage within Part C of Medicare. Beneficiaries in the Medicare Advantage plans now have new benefits that will improve care. More advantage plans are being offered and the average monthly premium has slowly decreased, which greatly appeals to seniors and their families. Due to more available options and lower premiums, Medicare Advantage enrollment is predicted to reach an all-time high this year, at 22.6 million.

Substitutes for Pain Management

From improper prescriptions to general misuse, the opioid crisis has affected millions of individuals. CMS is focusing on providing medically approved alternatives to manage pain, such as therapeutic massages. Reducing opioid misuse across the country could save many lives.   

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Helping Diabetic People

People with diabetes and congestive heart failure will have more choices, thanks to innovative technology. Medicare will now purchase devices that allow seniors and their families to use smartphones to regularly monitor blood sugar levels. Smartphone apps are a faster and less painful way to examine blood sugar than pricking a finger with portable glucose meters.

Lower Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Pharmacy drugs are provided in Part D of Medicare. The new payment policy is expected to save seniors $150 million in lower copayments when they visit certain clinic sites. Additionally, patients will receive a good deal on drug prescriptions, with discounts to hospitals.

New Payment for Services

By using communication technology, seniors who have struggled to get to the doctor will now experience new levels of convenience. The CMS administration proposed for doctors to receive payments when elders send them a photo or video to be assessed, rather than driving in person for condition evaluation. Patients can connect with their physicians quickly via video chat, which could save them unnecessary trips to the office. Also, an electronic portal can make it easy for doctors to give guidance and treatment to their patients.

Choose the Best Coverage Options

As plan costs and covered benefits can change from year to year, people with Medicare should examine their coverage options and choose one that best aligns with their health needs. People who don’t want to change their current coverage do not have to re-enroll in order to keep it.

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