Medicaid Application

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The attorneys at the Davidson Law Group will provide any additional advocacy that is necessary to ensure the Medicaid application is properly processed so that qualification can be achieved as quickly as possible. We are here for you.

Completing and submitting a Medicaid application is no simple matter. The State of Texas requires very detailed and specific information about you or your loved one’s finances and medical status. Our attorneys work diligently to help individuals facing expensive long-term care costs qualify and apply for this benefit. We help you with your Medicaid application by ensuring the form is filled out properly and has the proper supporting documentation to verify the information.


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Medicaid Application

Medicaid is a federally funded government program administered by the State of Texas to help certain qualified individuals pay for nursing home care and in some instances, Assisted Living. Long-term healthcare is extremely expensive. In many cases, Medicaid is often the best or only option to help pay for your or your loved one’s skilled nursing care.

Although Medicaid is funded by the federal government, the State of Texas’ Health and Human Services department processes your Medicaid application and determines your eligibility. The state government takes into account your current medical status, income, and assets to determine if your Medicaid application meets eligibility requirements. Once approved, you receive benefits to help pay for your long-term care.

Medicaid Eligibility 

The fundamental requirements for your Medicaid application are as follows:

  • Gross income under $2,349 per month.
  • Countable assets under $2,000.
  • Personal needs allowance.
  • To qualify for skilled nursing care under Medicaid, a healthcare professional must confirm that the individual needs long-term care.

Texas Medicaid
Nursing Home Statistics

The statistics on nursing home services in Texas may come as a surprise. It can get very expensive, but the team at Davidson Law Group can help.

  • Number of Medicaid Nursing Home Beds – 132,443
  • Average Cost of Nursing Home Per Month – $4,798
  • Percent of Population Aged 65 or Older – 12.00%
  • Anticipated Percent Growth of 65+ Population by 2032 – 67%

Davidson Law Group Can Help You

If you or a loved one is facing the prospect of long-term care, the attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help answer your questions, determine your Medicaid eligibility, assist you in qualifying for Medicaid, and ultimately help complete your Medicaid application. There are many complex factors that go into a Medicaid application, including what assets someone gets to keep while on Medicaid. Some applicants may have too much income or assets to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford to self-pay for the cost of long-term care for the rest of their lives. Pick up the phone and call our office in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler today so we can help you move forward with Medicaid.