What to Look for in an Elder Law Attorney

The selection of an elder law attorney is an important decision that involves someone else handling your finances and estate. At the Davidson Law Group, we highly recommend that if a person is able, they seek proactive elder law planning. This kind of planning is sensitive because it requires a 5-year waiting period before it can enter into effect, so it’s best to begin as soon as possible.

If for whatever reason it is not possible for a person to begin proactive elder law planning, the Davidson Law Group offers what we call crisis planning. For sudden situations where a person has been rendered incapacitated and needs long-term care, crisis planning helps slow the flow of assets into medical bills.

But there are many fields of elder law, and not all elder law attorneys can help you in the way you may need. Today, the Davidson Law Group offers some advice on how to pick the right elder law attorney for your situation.

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What to Look For

If you’re not in a time crunch, it’s best to take time and evaluate your options. You should be able to check an elder law attorney’s standing with the State Bar Association by looking up the attorney. The Association will document whether your attorney’s license is current, and it may also show if they’ve ever received discipline for poor practice.

Because elder law can encompass many situations, you’ll want to get an idea of whether the elder law attorney you’re considering has worked with cases like yours before. You can do this by asking around, researching their website, or by setting up a consultation.

You will also want an elder law attorney who you feel you can trust, who has your best interests in mind. This is another reason that seeking a consultation is advisable because it gives you a chance to assess the way they conduct themselves in conversation and how they respond to your questions.

Finally, you will want to find an elder law attorney whose pricing and fee structure is made clear to you. Some practitioners may exploit their clients, and hopefully, you will have already weeded them out by assessing their Bar standing and by consultation. The last thing you want is for someone to be draining the very assets you’re trying to protect, so be sure to take your time and do your research.

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Elder Law Attorneys at Davidson Law Group

When you’ve decided that it is time to seek the counsel of an elder law attorney to help protect your future, give the Davidson Law Group a call. We offer free first-time consultations, and we have experience in both estate planning and elder law. We’ll make sure that you secure your Texas Legacy. You can reach us in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler