How to Manage Your Estate in Case of Incapacity

It’s never pleasant to think about, but what will happen if a sudden accident or illness leaves you unable to make important medical decisions regarding your care? Or what if you are physically unable to take care of financial matters like paying your bills or managing your investments? Estate planning from Davidson Law Group can ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared for anything.

What Is an Incapacity Plan?

An incapacity plan provides your loved ones with essential guidance concerning your wishes for medical and financial decisions if you are incapacitated. Without an incapacity plan, your loved ones may be left to navigate difficult legal processes to manage your finances or make medical decisions on your behalf.

What Documents Do I Need for My Incapacity Plan?

An important part of estate planning is a proper incapacity plan, and an estate planning lawyer can help you get things in order. The main documents you will need to complete your incapacity plan include:

  • HIPAA Authorization: This provides doctors with written consent from you to disclose information about your medical condition to the person or persons you name, such as your spouse, an unmarried partner, or a close friend.
  • Living Will: This document provides instructions for your medical care in case you are unable to make decisions for yourself. For example, if you are in a coma for an extended period of time, your living will instructs your family and caregivers about how you want to proceed.
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care or Health Care Proxy: This is a document that enables you to give someone permission to make medical decisions for you if you are ever unable to make them for yourself.

Estate Planning Services at Davidson Law Group

At Davidson Law Group, we specialize in all aspects of estate planning and we can help you manage your estate in case of incapacity. You don’t have to prepare for these things on your own. We are here to help. Call Davidson Law Group today to schedule your consultation so you can have peace of mind.