What You Should Expect From an Elder Law Attorney

At the Davidson Law Group, we know the importance of truly understanding our clients and their individual goals and unique circumstances. We believe that with honesty, compassion, and professionalism we build the strongest partnership with our clients. Our elder law attorneys will listen carefully to the details of your unique situation and help you to successfully plan for your future.

Wills and Estate Planning

Elder law attorneys will help to plan every detail of your will and testament, so the assets in your estate are managed exactly as you have instructed. Our elder law attorneys have extensive experience in the valuation and taxation of all types of assets, from your 401(k) to your vacation home, we will help make sure your assets are distributed to the beneficiaries just as you intended.

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Financial Planning

Elder law attorneys assist with all aspects of your financial future, including your income, savings, inheritance, real estate, asset management, and assigning a durable power of attorney regarding financial matters.

Veteran’s Pension Benefits

Elder law attorneys can help to ensure that you are receiving the benefits to which you are entitled, including pension compensation, VA benefits, and healthcare coverage.

Health care planning

Elder law attorneys will help plan for every aspect of your healthcare, including health insurance, retirement living, and long-term nursing care, and assigning a durable power of attorney regarding medical decisions. We can help you to make choices about drafting advanced directives or a living will specific to your healthcare needs.

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Legal Guardianship Planning

Elder law attorneys will help you make the important decision about assigning a legal guardian.

Legal and Health Care Advocacy

We will be there for you as a legal advocate, to help you understand your rights and execute them fully. We will help to explain your rights as a resident of a healthcare facility, and we will assist with any claims you should need to file.

Our Elder Law Attorneys Have Your Best Interests at Heart

We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing a qualified elder law attorney, and that’s why we believe in real compassion and strong advocacy, to set ourselves apart as your first choice for dedicated elder law service. Contact Davidson Law Group today in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler.