Estate Planning Attorney: Tips To Finding The Right One

Estate planning law is often a complicated and stressful ordeal. You are not only planning for your future but more so for the future of your loved ones and at Davidson Law Group, we don’t take that lightly. Finding the right estate attorney can make all the difference when getting your assets ready to be passed on. No matter how complex or simple your estate is, an estate attorney is vital for planning out your family’s future and making sure that your assets are put into the right hands once you pass on. To do that, the first step is not just finding an attorney, but finding the right attorney. In today’s blog post we will discuss what you should be looking for in an estate attorney.

Find References

While looking into the attorney’s portfolio is important and can help you make your decision, finding peers or former clients that can vouch for their services is a more efficient way to evaluate a potential attorney. You can find out a lot about an estate attorney by looking at their portfolio and record, but you are still doing so from the outside. Asking former clients or fellow attorneys about their work gives you a more first-hand answer.

Finding these people also isn’t incredibly difficult. You can sift through Google reviews and use a tool like to find what their former clients have said about them. When it comes to their peers, it takes a more hands-on effort to find what you are looking for. However, the odds are that you have worked with a lawyer who knows a thing or two about the more qualified estate attorneys in the area.

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Ask Your Financial Advisor

While financial advisors and lawyers may not seem like people who would know a lot about each other, financial advisors are hired specifically to ensure their clients that their finances are on the up and up. Estate planning is very much a financial issue and one that financial advisors are aware of and depending on the situation, are actively involved in.

Go For An Interview

Interviewing prospective lawyers is sometimes forgotten about by potential clients, whether it be because they just want the hiring process to be done or because they didn’t think they could interview prospective attorneys. If you are looking for an estate attorney, don’t be someone who forgets about the interview. Interviews are a great way to get a more personal feel for a potential attorney. Anybody can look good on a website or in an email, but how are they face-to-face?

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Davidson Law Group Can Help

Finding the right estate attorney is an important issue that can, at times, go right over people’s heads. It is very important to find the right attorney and at Davidson Law Group, we want to help you do that. Contact us today in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler.