Estate Planning Attorney: Dos and Don’ts of Estate Planning

Advice from an Estate Planning Attorney: The Do’s and Don’ts

Estate planning is vital to ensuring the care of your family and your legacy. Because it is so important, seeking the assistance of a skilled and experienced estate planning attorney is in your best interest. Many people tend to avoid estate planning because planning for what happens after their own passing can stir up unwanted emotions. Others tend to delay because they think it’s too soon to begin tending to their estate. At Davidson Law Group, we sympathize with all of our clients. Estate planning is a process which requires great care and sensitivity.

Estate planning is also crucial for you to be in charge of the distribution of your own assets rather than the state or states in which your assets are held. As important as thorough estate planning is, it can also be a bit complicated. Some people wrap their assets up in trusts, some people dictate their wishes through a will.

Today, the Davidson Law Group offers some of its expertise and explains some basic do’s and don’ts of estate planning.


Seek the Help of an Estate Attorney

This may seem redundant, but we at Davidson Law Group think it’s worth stressing this point once more. In the absence of a well-planned estate, untimely incapacitation or death could leave your loved ones in a serious bind. They could be faced not only with the pain of loss but also with the additional strain of trying to navigate the state’s handling of your estate. Don’t leave them scrambling – make sure that your estate is handled according to your wishes.

Carefully Select an Executor or Power of Attorney

Like selecting godparents for your children, selecting who will oversee your affairs should you become incapable is a sensitive decision itself. You need to pick someone who will represent you according to your own wishes, someone you can trust and who is willing to take on the amount of responsibility entails.

Prepare Thoroughly

Preparing thoroughly means looking into preparing an advanced directive, a last will and testament, a living will, and select other documents. An estate planning attorney can advise you about what will be best to prepare depending on your own situation.

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You may feel as if it’s too early to seek the help of an estate planning attorney. Things happen, including things you cannot anticipate. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to prepare your estate.


Once you’ve set up a plan for your estate, don’t just leave it. It’s wise to revisit the estate plan and review it with your estate planning attorney on a regular basis, maybe once a year. Changes to your family – including births, marriages, deaths, and more – can affect the way your estate is distributed.

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