Estate Planning Attorney: Are They Different Than Elder Law Attorneys?

What Is The Difference Between An Estate Planning Attorney And An Elder Law Attorney?

At some point in one’s life, you will have to begin thinking about estate planning. While it is possible to do this on your own, it is much easier — and much safer — to seek the counsel of an attorney. Most people in this position are seniors or approaching that age, so the natural inclination might be to speak to an elder law attorney. While that is helpful, you will still need to discuss your needs with an estate planning attorney if you want proper service. In today’s blog post, Davidson Law Group will look at both types of attorney and explain what the differences are.

What Does An Elder Law Attorney Do?

As is true with most specialized attorneys, this question is very nuanced. Even though the “elder law” portion of the title seems to give away their responsibility, these types of attorneys wear a number of hats, ranging from crisis planning to medical costs to asset protection. Despite their wide-ranging skill set, they do have one common denominator: age. Elder law attorneys work with elderly people, and many seniors assume an elder law attorney is who they need to talk to about estate planning.

And that is certainly not a bad thing. Our elder law attorneys are here to help with retirement planning and powers of attorney, both important factors in estate planning.

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What Does An Estate Planning Attorney Do?

An estate planning attorney’s role is more difficult to pinpoint because they aren’t tied down to one demographic. So, since different people have different needs, an estate planning attorney’s job is fluid, depending on the client. Their clientele includes seniors, and it’s important to remember that when you need estate planning services. An estate planning attorney will always recommend taking care of your future at a younger age, but they also recognize that that doesn’t always happen or isn’t always possible. If you are a senior and haven’t accounted for the future of your estate, an estate planning attorney is still who you will want to talk to.

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Do They Work Together?

Absolutely! If you are planning for your estate as a senior, you will still very much need an elder law attorney for other areas of your life, and some of those areas might even overlap. For example, medical powers of attorney are an area covered in estate planning and elder law. The only difference is that younger people won’t have the other needs that elder law covers like nursing home expenses, for instance.

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