Estate Planning Attorney: What Happens When Your Executor Dies

One of the most important parts of planning the future of your estate is choosing your executor, the person who will be in charge of managing your assets after you’re gone. You may choose one person to be your executor, several people, or an institution.

It is very important to make this decision carefully, thinking about the future of your estate as well as the future of your executors.

A common concern that one must plan for is the possibility that your executor dies, and the responsibility for managing your assets must be reassigned. Complex and important legal circumstances such as this sometimes require the assistance of an estate planning attorney, and Davidson Law Group is here to help.

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What Happens If I Don’t Have a Plan?

When your executor dies, a new executor must be chosen for your estate. Our estate attorneys can help you prepare for this possibility. It is important to plan ahead because if you do not leave instructions in your will for who the next executor will be, the decision will be made by the local court, usually the Probate Court and the Register of Wills.

Generally, the court chooses a new executor by proceeding in the following order: the persons you named as beneficiaries of your will; your surviving spouse; other family members such as children or siblings; other eligible persons based on the circumstances, as deemed fit by the judge.

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Planning Ahead Makes All the Difference

Legal proceedings in the Probate Court and Register of Wills can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, the estate attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help you build a detailed plan that will be executed faithfully and clearly, and keep your estate out of the courts.

By planning ahead with an estate attorney, you can provide clear instructions for all potential legal situations, and you can carefully specify the future executorship of your assets, now and into perpetuity. Davidson Law Group is a local firm with extensive experience handling regional Probate Courts and the Register of Wills.

Our estate planning attorneys will carry out your Will and Testament, to ensure the executorship of your estate proceeds just as you choose.

The Estate Attorneys at Davidson Law Group Can Help

At Davidson Law Group, we want you to have certainty about the future of your estate. With the help of an estate attorney, you can be sure that your assets and your wishes will be cared for under the executorship of your choosing. We serve the greater Dallas area, with offices in Fort Worth, Allen, and Tyler. Contact us today!