Estate Planning Attorney Advice: Adding Pets to Your Will

Everybody loves their furry friends. Maybe you love them enough to leave something to them in your will when you pass. This isn’t the best idea. Today in the Davidson Law Group blog we’ll explain why you shouldn’t leave anything to your pets in your will, and what you should do instead to ensure they’re cared for.

Why Shouldn’t I Leave Anything to My Pets?

If there’s one thing our estate attorneys don’t recommend you do, it is leaving a gift to your pets. Since animals have no legal rights to own property or assets, you’d essentially be leaving your gifts to nobody. This will make the process of dividing up your assets and property much more complicated and will make probate a much longer and more arduous process for your loved ones. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t ensure your pets are well taken care of after you pass. Our estate attorney recommends you take an alternative route.

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What Can I Do for My Pets?

There are a couple of things you can do for your pets in your will. Our estate attorney recommends one of these two options:

  • Leave Money for Care – Instead of leaving assets or property to the pet specifically, name a caretaker for your pet, and leave them enough money to care for it. You should talk to who you’re leaving the pet to and make sure it’s ok, and that they won’t mind the responsibility. It’s important that you do this with someone you trust.
  • A Trust – In certain states, you can actually name a pet as a beneficiary in your trust. Ask your estate attorney about this if it’s something you wish to do. Again, we don’t really recommend this, for a number of reasons, but sometimes it is a viable option.

In the end, having a friend or family member take care of your pet and giving them money to do so will always be the best option. This way you know your pet will be taken care of, and it gives you more peace of mind.

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