Elder Law Attorney: What Questions To Ask

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Elder Law Attorney

While it isn’t always pleasant to talk about, it is no less true that as you age, things become more uncertain. Eventually, finding an elder law attorney will be a necessity, especially for people with long-term health care needs. Aging presents a unique set of challenges and they can’t be avoided. As the saying goes, Father Time is undefeated, and eventually, you will have to make tough decisions because of it. Having a dedicated elder law attorney at your side to help can make all the difference. But how do we know that the attorney is the right one for us? In today’s Davidson Law Group blog post, we’ll look at some important questions to ask your prospective attorney.

How Long Has The Attorney Been Practicing Law?

This is the first question that most people ask when looking for an attorney. It is always safer to hire an attorney that has a lengthy portfolio, both in general law practice, but also in your specific area of need. Is your prospective elder law attorney really the best that elder law has to offer? While the firm may offer that service, do they have a history of success? These are questions to consider.

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How Much Does The Firm Charge?

This is never a factor that you want to consider, but it is nonetheless an important factor. You are on a budget and you have to find an attorney that fits within that budget. The key here is to find the most cost-effective elder law attorney. What we mean is that you want to find an attorney that not only fits within your budget but also that gets the most out of the money that you are spending.

You may be able to dole out the money for a top-flight attorney, but if you aren’t able to do that, then you have to make sure you find the attorney that will give you the highest quality representation for your budget.

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How Experienced Is Your Elder Law Attorney With Your Needs?

Another question that must be asked is in reference to their experience. While this prospective firm may offer elder law services and they may have experience in elder law, have they represented a client with your specific needs recently? Elder law is more long-term than other law practices and with that being true, you need an attorney that has had experience with your specific needs.

Davidson Law Group Wants To Be Your Elder Law Representation

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