How an Elder Law Attorney Can Assist You With Health Care and Planning

It’s great to have a detailed plan for the future. The elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group will help you to make a proactive plan for all of the milestones ahead, right from the beginning. There are many considerations to be made when planning for the future of your healthcare, at every stage in your life. Our dedicated and passionate elder law attorneys will be there for you all along the way.

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Elder Law Attorneys Help to Plan for Your Health

Your elder law attorney at Davidson Law Group will help you plan for good health by making sure you get the most out of the health care insurance coverage you are entitled to receive. We will help you to examine all your health insurance options, including private insurance plans, Veteran’s Benefits, an employer policy, Medicare, and Medicaid. We will help you plan health care coverage over the long term, so you can stay covered and keep your premiums down.

Consider Insurance Options

Elder law attorneys will help you to consider if other insurance options should be a part of your healthcare plan, for example, long-term care insurance or life insurance. At Davidson Law Group, we get to know our clients on an individual level, so we can help make decisions about additional insurance coverage that is specific to each client’s unique life circumstances.

Consider Nursing Care

When the time comes, your elder law attorney will help you consider your options for residential nursing care, and help you to make the best choice for your unique situation. Davidson Law Group will help to manage the costs of residential nursing care, at every stage of life, so you can be certain your finances and healthcare are balanced and secure for the long term.

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We’ll Help You Draft a Living Will

Elder law attorneys with Davidson Law Group can provide assistance with drafting a Living Will, a document that provides detailed instructions for your medical care at every stage of life. We will help you to choose a trusted person who will take on the responsibilities of Medical Power of Attorney and make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself.

Elder Law Attorneys Advocate for You

Elder law attorneys work for you, to protect you and your estate as you get older. Davidson Law Group stands up for our clients to ensure your rights are protected. We will litigate on your behalf to prevent and prosecute elder abuse and fraud.

We will advocate asserting your patient rights, at every stage of your medical care. We will go to court for you, to ensure that your final wishes are carried out fully and honestly. Elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group are on your team, representing your interests, just like you planned. Contact us today in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler to see how we can help.