Davidson Law Group: What Happens if You Die Without a Will?

At Davidson Law Group, we want you to have absolute certainty that your will and testament is carried out and your estate is managed as you intend. If you still haven’t gotten around to drafting a legal will, the best time to get started is right now. The wills and trust attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help make sure you don’t miss out on the many benefits of a strong and clear will and testament.

Have Peace of Mind About the Future of Your Estate

Make sure your wishes are protected. An estate attorney with Davidson Law Group will help you document your instructions for passing down your assets. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the valuation and tax law specific to every type of asset, from 401(k)s to firearms, from your primary residence to your investment real estate. Your decisions about how the assets in your estate will be distributed to your beneficiaries will be crystal clear, allowing you to rest easy.

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Plan for the Care of Your Loved Ones

It may be the case that you have young children and other family members in your life who are dependent on you. If so, you will want to be absolutely certain about the care and custody of these loved ones after you’re gone. Estate planning attorneys with Davidson Law Group will help you plan ahead and carry out your instructions regarding custody, care, and guardianship, as well as supporting the beneficiaries of your inheritance.

Choose an Executor to Faithfully Represent Your Interests

If you do not leave instructions regarding the choice of an executor of your estate, there will not be anyone to carry out your wishes and manage your estate after you’re gone. Your chosen executor will faithfully distribute the assets of your estate, as instructed by your will and testament. They will represent your interests in any legal proceedings and help to ensure your estate is not tied up in court.

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Avoid the Expense of Probate Court

If you have not created a will, the future of your estate will be decided by a local court judge, usually in probate court. This process can be expensive as well as time-consuming, and there is no guarantee that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. Probate court is a public proceeding, so the details of your estate will become public record. The estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help you plan ahead so you can sidestep the courts and execute your will as you intended.

Take Advantage of the Tax Benefits of Planning Ahead

If you don’t plan ahead, you’re missing out on a lot of tax benefits that could make a significant difference to the value of your estate. Trusts can be established to protect the inheritance you leave for your loved ones from unnecessary taxation. Estate attorneys with Davidson Law Group can assist you to restructure your assets, so you can minimize taxation and maximize the value of your estate.

It’s Time to Be Prepared. Find Out How Davidson Law Group Can Help, Right Now

It is important that the validity of your will and testament is clearly defined and beyond question. Estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group will ensure that every detail is carefully documented, so your plan will be executed exactly as you intended. Contact us in Fort Worth, Allen, or Tyler today to make sure your will and testament is legally documented and carried out faithfully.