Davidson Law Group Discusses the Importance of Pets in Elderly People’s Lives

Davidson Law Group understands that older people love having pets in their lives. Pets offer companionship and psychological comfort. Furry friends also give elderly people stability and a routine to follow. Today’s blog from Davidson Law Group discusses the importance of pets in elderly people’s lives.

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Stress Relief

Pets may relieve stress and anxiety. Studies show animals can lower blood pressure, increase social interaction, and increase physical activity. Cats and dogs can have an astounding effect on depression and feelings of loneliness. Owning a pet could even help someone manage pain, as seniors reported in a study that focusing on their pets helped take their mind off of their chronic pain. Pet ownership even has a minor role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Daily Exercise

If you have an active dog, you can take him or her for a walk a few times a day. This gets you moving and walking as a low-impact exercise to improve your overall health and stamina. 


Taking your pet on errands or for walks can put you in touch with other people and neighbors. You can bond with other people who have a similar breed by talking about your dog first and then finding more common ground. 

Helping Around the House

Pets can be trained to be assistance animals around the house. Dogs can be taught to retrieve items, alert you when something’s wrong, and even make an emergency phone call to 9-1-1.  


Davidson Law Group understands the need for older people to have companionship. Adult children often live in another city due to job commitments, and neighbors may be busy. Dogs and cats offer a way for people to have a family member (albeit, a four-legged and furry one) around the house.


Pets offer security and safety for elderly people. Canines have very good hearing, and they can alert you to when something is wrong or if someone is trying to get into the house. Older adults can rely on pets for added safety and security in their homes.

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