Estate planning continues to evolve. Traditionally, assets left to children after someone’s death usually consisted of a home, vehicles, and financial accounts such as bank accounts and retirement funds. Today’s blog from Davidson Law Group explains how to handle digital assets for estate planning.  Related Post: Estate Planning Attorney Advice: Leaving Digital Assets in Your […]

Estate planning is a complicated process. It’s more than just filling out paperwork to let the legal system know who gets what after you pass away. You have to plan carefully for your finances while leaving room for any life changes you may experience. Today’s blog from Davidson Law Group discusses the 5 D’s of […]

The estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group understand you want to have a lot of assets to leave for your loved ones after you pass away. There are specific strategies you can utilize to achieve this, one of which is to diversify your portfolio. We explain some tips for diversifying your retirement planning portfolio […]

You spent years setting up your retirement nest egg through a diverse portfolio of savings accounts, IRAs, 401k plans, mutual funds, and stock investments. Then you see the stock market plummet. There are fears of a recession.  Yet seeing the stock market and economy tank isn’t all gloom and doom. You can still engage in […]

Davidson Law Group understands that older people love having pets in their lives. Pets offer companionship and psychological comfort. Furry friends also give elderly people stability and a routine to follow. Today’s blog from Davidson Law Group discusses the importance of pets in elderly people’s lives. Related Post: Estate Attorney Advice: Adding Pets to Your […]

Medicaid in Texas can give you peace of mind when it comes to long-term care or assisted living costs. Although Medicaid doesn’t cover years and years of these services, it can give you some financial backing as you transition into regular health care. Today’s blog post from Davidson Law Group explains key things you need […]

Nursing homes can be wonderful places for seniors to live if they need regular skilled health care. Assisted living facilities are also great ways for seniors to stay active and social as they schedule regular activities for residents. Davidson Law Group’s elder law attorneys showcase ways to stay active at your nursing home. Related Post: […]

Medicaid provides health coverage to more than 7.2 million low-income seniors who are also eligible for Medicare. Medicaid also covers 4.8 million people with disabilities who receive Medicare benefits. Medicaid can provide crucial assistance for people who need long-term care or are looking to move into an assisted living facility. In today’s blog from Davidson […]

Adults age 50 and older are more prone to social isolation. Louise Hawkley, Ph.D., of the University of Chicago, found in her research that perceived social isolation can lead to depression, poor sleep, worsened cardiovascular function, and impaired immunity. Today’s blog from Davidson Law Group’s elder law expert discusses physical, emotional, and mental health for […]

A trust is a way to manage the inheritance you will leave for your loved ones while you’re still alive. Also called a living trust, this document entrusts the responsibility of managing your estate to a trust administrator. You can change what assets go into your trust at any time, so long as you follow […]