Estate Lawyer: Underages Beneficiaries When you create a will with an estate lawyer, one of the most important steps is choosing your beneficiaries. These are the people you have selected to receive your estate’s assets. It is extremely common for people to leave a gift or even the majority of their estate to their children. […]

Estate Attorney: What if My Executor Dies? The person you put in charge of managing your estate is the executor. They are in charge of gathering your assets, paying any outstanding debts, and distributing your remaining assets to any of your chosen beneficiaries. If tragedy strikes and your executor dies before being able to complete […]

Estate Planning: Adjusting Your Estate After Divorce Divorce is a legal action that impacts much more than simply the couple’s relationship. Divorce also has a major impact on the couple’s estate planning, including any wills. While each state has specific laws regarding divorce and estate planning, including Texas, speaking with an attorney that specializes in […]

Elder Law Attorney Discusses Misconceptions About Medicaid Medicaid is a state and federal program designed to assist older people with low-income pay for health services such as nursing home care and medical treatment. The laws regarding Medicaid can be complex and confusing to understand on your own. Luckily, attorneys who specialize in elder law, such […]