Most elder law practitioners and caregivers want to help any senior who walks through their doors. But what happens when that senior isn’t a United States citizen? What special rules and circumstances must be considered? How does this impact their case and their care? Current Immigration Climate The topic of immigration remains a heated debate […]

Many people think that estate planning happens when people are older and approaching their golden years. However, a single parent has a different situation compared to a two-parent household. Today’s blog from Davidson Law Group discusses special considerations in estate planning for single parents.  Related Post: Estate Planning Case Study: A Recently Retired Client Who […]

Estate planning with wills and trusts is supposed to make inheritance easy and straightforward. However, there may be cases where undue influence becomes apparent and complicates the entire situation. In today’s blog from Davidson Law Group, we help define and identify undue influence in estate planning with a will and trust. Related Post: What Happens […]

If you own and operate a business, chances are you’ve thought about how you want to handle your business after you retire. However, it can be complicated to properly create and execute a business succession plan. Davidson Law Group explains this estate planning issue. Fortunately, professional legal help is available at Davidson Law Group to […]

It’s never pleasant to think about, but what will happen if a sudden accident or illness leaves you unable to make important medical decisions regarding your care? Or what if you are physically unable to take care of financial matters like paying your bills or managing your investments? Estate planning from Davidson Law Group can […]

Veterans and their family members are entitled to certain benefits, including the VA Aid & Attendance Program. If you or a loved one has had problems obtaining benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, consider hiring a lawyer. In today’s blog, the Davidson Law Group shares the top reasons to hire a Texas veterans’ benefits […]

Estate planning attorneys have developed lady bird deeds (aka enhanced life estate deeds) as an effective way to meet the needs of their clients. If you’re considering using a type of deed in your estate plan, consider asking the Davidson Law Group to draft it. Today, our attorneys explain the purpose of a lady bird […]

Some people are able to retire earlier than others. While many folks have dreams of early retirement, it may not always be best for their situation. If you’re nearing retirement, you may have some questions and concerns, and the Davidson Law Group is here to provide guidance. Today, our elder law attorneys share some things […]

Medicare provides health and financial security to millions of older people. But did you know that it also helps younger people with disabilities? Medicaid offers benefits that Medicare normally doesn’t cover, such as nursing home care. At the Davidson Law Group, we strive to keep our clients educated and informed on all topics relating to […]