Do I Need a Probate Attorney? Davidson Law Helps You Decide Some people decide to face the probate process without legal aid, whether from a probate attorney or the services of a probate lawyer. While there are examples of successful cases handled alone, Davidson Law Group asks: can you really be confident in tackling this […]

Estate Lawyer: Tips on Dividing Assets Dividing your assets among family members is always difficult and can even cause strife within the family. Fortunately, a great estate lawyer can help make the process easier while also reducing stress for you and your loved ones. If you are struggling to divide your assets while drafting your […]

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Wills and Trusts Attorney Explains the Difference Between the Two Wills and trusts serve very similar functions, so it’s common that people get them confused. Both pertain to the distribution of a person’s assets to friends and relatives. But the differences between the two are much greater than their similarities, so it’s important to understand […]