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Sometimes families don’t talk about estate planning with each other. Some parents may not even tell their kids about a will. Others may inform their children but fail to discuss the specifics. If the surviving family members don’t know the contents or location of the original will, where do they begin? Who gets what? Today, […]

Davidson Law Group Explains What You Should Know About Texas Wills A will informs the probate court how you want your estate to be handled after you pass. To make a valid will in Texas, you must have legal capacity, testamentary capacity, and testamentary intent. Additionally, certain formalities must be followed. What exactly does that […]

Wills and Trusts Attorney: What Should I Consider When Preparing a Will Whether it’s simple or complex, a will protects your assets and your family. But many people don’t have a will, so they leave behind unnecessary legal bills and disputes. In a previous blog post, we identified the mistakes to avoid when preparing a […]

The Wills and Trusts Attorneys Explain Who Can Serve as Executor If you have been named in a will as the executor of an estate in Texas, the county probate judge must decide if you are qualified to serve. Because the executor is responsible for protecting the assets, filing tax returns, paying bills, and distributing […]

Our Wills and Trusts Attorneys Explain Why You Do Not Need a Living Trust A living trust is a legal document that provides clear instructions on how one’s assets should be disbursed after death. A living trust is similar to a will but does not have to go through the probate process. In a previous […]

Advice from Wills and Trusts Attorneys on Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing a Will Writing a will maximizes the value of your estate, protects your interests and reduces the chances of litigation or family disputes. However, if you haven’t started your will, be aware of some common mistakes that can cause problems for your heirs. […]

Wills and Trusts Attorney on Common Executor Mistakes If you’re the executor of an estate, you’re undertaking a fairly big responsibility. This responsibility can sometimes be overwhelming. You certainly don’t want to mess anything up, but obviously, an executorship isn’t something many people have a lot of experience dealing with. It’s easy to slip up […]

A Wills and Trusts Attorney Explains Why a DIY Will is a Bad Idea With internet access and endless information at your fingertips, it’s easy to find out how to do just about anything yourself. However, when it comes to legal matters, it’s not such a great idea. Writing your will without the help of […]

Our Wills and Trusts Attorney Looks At How To Manage Your Real Estate Assets For many people who are beginning to finalize their will, real estate assets play a major part in their future plans. Making sure that your real estate assets are accounted for and distributed smoothly to your beneficiaries is important, and our […]