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Our Wills and Trusts Attorneys Explain The Benefits of a Gun Trust Gun trusts deal with ownership of firearms that are based on federal and state regulations. With these trusts, it’s easier to possess and handle firearms after the owner passes away and keep beneficiaries from accidentally breaking the law. In today’s blog, the wills […]

Our Wills and Trusts Attorneys Look at Benefits of a Gun Trust Today, in the United States, almost half a million households report owning a firearm. Furthermore, gun owners have to stay abreast of roughly 20,000 gun-related laws. With gun laws only becoming more and more complex, it’s a good idea to get some help […]

Davidson Law Group Explains Gun Trusts Gun trusts provide gun owners who wish to pass on their properties an easy way to do so without the hassle and interference of strict government regulations. The primary benefit to these trusts is that they allow gun owners to possess firearms that would otherwise require criminal background checks […]