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If you’ve recently moved to another state or you’re considering moving, you may wonder how it will affect your estate plan. Should you discard your will and start over? What documents are still valid? States can have different laws regarding estate planning, so it’s best to consult an estate planning attorney in your new state. […]

Whether you’re giving birth or adopting a child, there are many highs and lows of becoming a new parent. As you change diapers and focus on your child’s immediate needs, it’s critical to think about estate planning, too. The process can, at times, seem overwhelming, but our attorneys are here to help. Today, the Davidson […]

Assigning a power of attorney (POA) is an important aspect of estate planning. If you are helping a loved one or making arrangements for yourself, you should know that there are many types of power of attorney, and each has its own rules. Today, Davidson Law Group discusses common powers and the difference between a […]

Everyone should have a will, but it may shock you that some famous people failed to make one. If you die without a will, state laws will control who gets what from your estate, and it could take many years to resolve in court. Today on the blog, Davidson Law Group talks about some celebrities […]

Estate Planning: What to Include in a Letter of Instruction While the Last Will and Testament is the most widely known document in estate planning, there are other important elements as well. Another important aspect of estate planning is a document called a Letter of Instruction. This document will tell your loved ones important personal […]

It is a hassle to deal with the probate court, but you can avoid it with the right guidance. At the Davidson Law Group, we want to help all of our clients avoid the expense of probate. There are some key terms you should understand before our probate attorneys work with you.   In each […]

An estate plan helps protect your assets and your loved ones, even after you have passed away. While you may understand the importance of estate planning, there are many additional terms and jargon that can get confusing. In each Davidson Law Glossary article, we explain the details and address common questions, so you can have […]

Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that enables someone to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf. This person, called your agent, is allowed to make decisions if you are unable to because you become ill or incapacitated. Granting power of attorney is a serious decision, so it’s important to understand what […]

What Are the Key Parts of Estate Planning? Many estate plans are made to protect loved ones and provide for their future needs. While you’ve probably been advised to create an estate plan, you may not know what the procedure entails and how to make one. In today’s blog, the Davidson Law Group attorneys outline […]