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Estate planning with wills and trusts is supposed to make inheritance easy and straightforward. However, there may be cases where undue influence becomes apparent and complicates the entire situation. In today’s blog from Davidson Law Group, we help define and identify undue influence in estate planning with a will and trust. Related Post: What Happens […]

It’s never pleasant to think about, but what will happen if a sudden accident or illness leaves you unable to make important medical decisions regarding your care? Or what if you are physically unable to take care of financial matters like paying your bills or managing your investments? Estate planning from Davidson Law Group can […]

Estate planning attorneys have developed lady bird deeds (aka enhanced life estate deeds) as an effective way to meet the needs of their clients. If you’re considering using a type of deed in your estate plan, consider asking the Davidson Law Group to draft it. Today, our attorneys explain the purpose of a lady bird […]

Sometimes families don’t talk about estate planning with each other. Some parents may not even tell their kids about a will. Others may inform their children but fail to discuss the specifics. If the surviving family members don’t know the contents or location of the original will, where do they begin? Who gets what? Today, […]

Mildred and her husband George retired together to a beautiful ranch in North Texas. Soon after their retirement, Mildred’s husband passed away. This was a terrible shock for Mildred and her family — an adult daughter and four grandchildren. Mildred was suddenly faced with dozens of important questions and responsibilities, from paying the mortgage (“Where […]

Whether you’re facing a time of prosperity, uncertainty, or both, estate planning is an important part of your financial and legal future. However, the process involves major life decisions that can cause some people to procrastinate about their estate planning. Today, our attorneys discuss the common excuses we hear from folks for not creating an […]

Medicaid is a government funded program that provides health coverage to millions of Americans, including senior citizens. Individuals must meet certain financial and medical criteria in order to qualify for Medicaid. If you are ready to begin the qualification process, the attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help guide you and answer your questions. Today, […]

Estate planning is the process of divvying up your estate amongst your beneficiaries. It involves deciding who should receive your assets, when to transfer the assets, and how you want the assets transferred. Estate planning also minimizes federal and state taxes that the government charges on the earnings from your estate after your death.  Many […]