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Frequently Asked Questions About Executors In Texas, you can use your will to appoint an executor to complete your will’s instructions after you pass. If you don’t choose an executor, the probate court will elect someone to settle your estate. In previous blog posts, we discussed the responsibilities of an executor and we identified the […]

An Estate Attorney Explains Why an Executor Can Be Removed Wills often name an executor to manage the deceased person’s estate after their passing. Nominating an executor is an important decision because it implies many responsibilities. Sometimes, the executor’s duties are not upheld and various consequences may occur. Previously on the Davidson Law Group blog, […]

Debts and Wills: Things You Should Know What happens when a family member passes away, but he or she has unpaid debt? Do relatives have to pay off the liabilities? Today, the estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group help to explain debt and wills. Receiving and Forgiving Debts First, it’s important to understand how […]

An Estate Planning Attorney Discusses Minor Children If you have minor children, estate planning is particularly critical. Whether you’ve just brought your baby home, you’re going to soccer practice, or you’re teaching a teen to drive, it’s profoundly important you have an estate plan. Knowing your children will be taken care of according to your […]

An Estate Attorney Explains Leaving Digital Assets in Your Will One of the sometimes forgotten parts of estate planning is including digital assets in your will. In today’s society, more and more aspects of our lives are digital. To properly sift through your digital assets and leave them in your will, it’s best to consult […]

How an Estate Lawyer Can Prepare Your Will for a Reverse Mortgage Estate lawyers work closely with clients to assist in the drafting of wills and other legal documents. They are often involved in the redrafting of these documents when homeowners decide to convert home equity into money to afford retirement. In the United States, […]

An Estate Attorney Explains the Responsibilities of an Executor Technically speaking, anyone can be made the executor of a will. Despite the freedom the will-writer has to select whomever they believe is best suited, the job itself is not one taken lightly. Being the executor of a will is a significant responsibility, and you will […]

Estate Lawyer: Tips on Dividing Assets Dividing your assets among family members is always difficult and can even cause strife within the family. Fortunately, a great estate lawyer can help make the process easier while also reducing stress for you and your loved ones. If you are struggling to divide your assets while drafting your […]