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Davidson Law Group Explains What You Need to Know About Social Security Survivor’s Benefits Survivor benefits are monthly Social Security payments to family members of a wage earner who has died. They typically go to the spouse, former spouse, or children of someone who was eligible for Social Security benefits. Many married couples are often […]

What Should Attorneys and Clients Expect Of Each Other? Previously on the blog, we talked about what you should expect from an elder law attorney. Today, the attorneys at Davidson Law Group provide a general overview of what to expect from a lawyer and what the lawyer should expect from the client. After doing research […]

Why Davidson Is Better than the Competition There are a lot of law offices and firms to choose from in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When searching for an Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney, it is crucial to choose the law firm that best meets your needs. In today’s blog, we’ll look at four reasons […]

Davidson Law Group Shares Some Facts About Conservatorship When our loved ones are in good health, we don’t think about things like conservatorship. However, if someone can’t make important decisions for themselves, a judge will appoint a person called a conservator to make those decisions. Decisions made by a conservator have the legal backing of […]

Davidson Law Group Explains What Happens to Your Estate and Assets When You Die Without a Will At Davidson Law Group, we want you to have absolute certainty that your will and testament is carried out and your estate is managed as you intend. If you still haven’t gotten around to drafting a legal will, […]

What Are “Assets”? Davidson Law Group Explains This Specific Term When getting started with your estate planning, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information – not to mention highly specific terminology – that comes with it. At the Davidson Law Group, we strive to keep you informed and make the […]