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What You Should Know About Donating Real Estate to Charity Generosity and charitable giving can include monetary donations to friends, family, strangers, or even non-profit organizations. It can also include donating land or real estate. Charitable giving has benefits like the gratification of helping your community, but it’s also important to understand that it has […]

Davidson Law Group Shares Important Things to Know About Charitable Giving Are you looking to donate money to a cause that’s important to you? From the expert attorneys at Davidson Law Group, here are some things you should know about charitable giving. Things to Decide Before you give, it’s important to decide how many organizations […]

Davidson Law Group Explains the Effects of Giving to Charity Are you passionate about a particular charity in Texas? Whether you plan on giving a sizable gift before or after you pass away, it’s best to include charitable giving in the estate planning process. The attorneys at Davidson Law Group are here to guide you […]

Charitable Trusts Advice and Information: Lead or Remainder? Charitable trusts continue to be extremely popular trust options for their diversity and their tax benefits. When you open one of these trusts, you increase your chances of lowering your yearly taxes without hurting your financial situation. Your money goes to a good cause, and you can […]

What Do You Need to Know About Setting Up a Charitable Trust? If you are planning to set up a charitable trust, it helps to know the finer details before you begin. This way, you can contact an estate planning attorney with a good understanding of what the charitable trust process involves, making things that […]

4 Benefits of a Charitable Trust Maybe you’ve heard of a charitable trust before but you’re not sure what it is. Maybe you are passionate about a particular charitable cause and would like to help fund it but aren’t sure how. At Davidson Law Group, our estate planning attorneys will help you sort through your […]