Monthly Archives: November 2019

Your business could receive many benefits by forming a limited liability company (LLC). If you are beginning the LLC formation process in Texas, there are some important steps to take to make sure you follow the law. Today, our business planning attorneys explain LLC formation and provide an overview of how to start your LLC […]

Medicaid is a government funded program that provides health coverage to millions of Americans, including senior citizens. Individuals must meet certain financial and medical criteria in order to qualify for Medicaid. If you are ready to begin the qualification process, the attorneys at Davidson Law Group can help guide you and answer your questions. Today, […]

If you have a child that you do not talk to, you may want to make sure that the child does not inherit part of your estate. It can be a tough decision, but the process is relatively simple, especially when you hire an estate planning attorney. In today’s blog, the Davidson Law Group discusses […]