Monthly Archives: October 2019

Estate planning is the process of divvying up your estate amongst your beneficiaries. It involves deciding who should receive your assets, when to transfer the assets, and how you want the assets transferred. Estate planning also minimizes federal and state taxes that the government charges on the earnings from your estate after your death.  Many […]

If you’ve recently moved to another state or you’re considering moving, you may wonder how it will affect your estate plan. Should you discard your will and start over? What documents are still valid? States can have different laws regarding estate planning, so it’s best to consult an estate planning attorney in your new state. […]

Whether you’re giving birth or adopting a child, there are many highs and lows of becoming a new parent. As you change diapers and focus on your child’s immediate needs, it’s critical to think about estate planning, too. The process can, at times, seem overwhelming, but our attorneys are here to help. Today, the Davidson […]