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Our Wills and Trusts Attorneys Explain The Benefits of a Gun Trust Gun trusts deal with ownership of firearms that are based on federal and state regulations. With these trusts, it’s easier to possess and handle firearms after the owner passes away and keep beneficiaries from accidentally breaking the law. In today’s blog, the wills […]

Our Attorneys Explains the Agencies Who Oversee Disability Benefits When it comes to veterans’ benefits, each veteran has had unique experiences and may be eligible for different programs. While some military benefits are constantly changing, others remain the same. Common veterans perks include medical care and disability assistance. Have you ever wondered who governs disability […]

What Should Attorneys and Clients Expect Of Each Other? Previously on the blog, we talked about what you should expect from an elder law attorney. Today, the attorneys at Davidson Law Group provide a general overview of what to expect from a lawyer and what the lawyer should expect from the client. After doing research […]

Our Elder Law Attorneys Share Medicare Benefits for the New Year Medicare is essentially government health insurance for individuals over age 65 with limited coverage. A new year means new Medicare benefits. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is making Medicare better for beneficiaries. Read today’s blog from the attorneys at Davidson Law […]

Our Elder Law Attorneys Look at The 4 Parts of Medicare Medicare is health insurance for people age 65 and older, and for those under 65 with certain disabilities. In case you’re new to Medicare, it’s divided into 4 parts. In today’s blog, the elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group explain the 4 parts […]

Davidson Law Group Shares Important Things to Know About Charitable Giving Are you looking to donate money to a cause that’s important to you? From the expert attorneys at Davidson Law Group, here are some things you should know about charitable giving. Things to Decide Before you give, it’s important to decide how many organizations […]

Davidson Law Group Explains the Effects of Giving to Charity Are you passionate about a particular charity in Texas? Whether you plan on giving a sizable gift before or after you pass away, it’s best to include charitable giving in the estate planning process. The attorneys at Davidson Law Group are here to guide you […]