Monthly Archives: December 2018

Debts and Wills: Things You Should Know What happens when a family member passes away, but he or she has unpaid debt? Do relatives have to pay off the liabilities? Today, the estate planning attorneys at Davidson Law Group help to explain debt and wills. Receiving and Forgiving Debts First, it’s important to understand how […]

Our Estate Attorneys Explain the Responsibilities of a Beneficiary The beneficiary of an estate receives assets and rights as directed by the will. However, there are important responsibilities that come with the role as well. When following the last will and testament of a loved one, every detail matters. Read today’s blog from the trusted […]

Advice for Dividing Estates Equally Among Beneficiaries When a family member or friend passes away, their loved ones must begin the process of following the instructions they have left behind in their will. A carefully written will includes directions for the beneficiaries and the assets to be inherited. Often, the will is intended to divide […]

Advice from Wills and Trusts Attorneys on Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing a Will Writing a will maximizes the value of your estate, protects your interests and reduces the chances of litigation or family disputes. However, if you haven’t started your will, be aware of some common mistakes that can cause problems for your heirs. […]

Business Succession Planning – Ways to Transfer Ownership of Your Business For many business owners, their company makes up a large part of their identity. Building a company from the ground up is a unique personal success that proud owners may want to pass on to their loved ones. It can be difficult for an […]

All About Alzheimer’s Disease with Davidson Law Group The number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s is growing fast — an estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages have the disease. In today’s blog, the expert elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group discuss the details of Alzheimer’s, including signs, symptoms, stages, and treatments. Dementia vs. […]

Why Davidson Is Better than the Competition There are a lot of law offices and firms to choose from in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When searching for an Estate Planning and Elder Law attorney, it is crucial to choose the law firm that best meets your needs. In today’s blog, we’ll look at four reasons […]