Monthly Archives: June 2018

Estate Planning for a Collection If you’ve amassed a valuable collection over the course of your life, you’ll want to make sure and leave it to someone special to you. That way they can continue to build your collection and continue to pass it on through the years. Maybe you collect art, coins, or cars. […]

A Wills and Trusts Attorney Explains Why a DIY Will is a Bad Idea With internet access and endless information at your fingertips, it’s easy to find out how to do just about anything yourself. However, when it comes to legal matters, it’s not such a great idea. Writing your will without the help of […]

Estate Planning When You Have a Blended Family Let’s talk about a situation that’s increasingly common in the United States: you get married and have children, but things end up not working out. You get divorced, find someone new, and get married to them. They also happen to have several children. Now you have a […]

An Elder Law Attorney Gives Steps to Take When Elder Abuse or Neglect is Occurring It’s an unfortunate reality that there are those in the world who would take advantage of an elderly person under their care. It can happen in nursing homes, their own homes, or anywhere they may be receiving care. No one […]