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Estate Attorney Advice: What to Do if Your Executor Dies One of the most important parts of planning the future of your estate is choosing your executor, the person who will be in charge of managing your assets after you’re gone. You may choose one person to be your executor, several people, or an institution. […]

Elder Law Attorneys Can Help Plan for Your Health It’s great to have a detailed plan for the future. The elder law attorneys at Davidson Law Group will help you to make a proactive plan for all of the milestones ahead, right from the beginning. There are many considerations to be made when planning for […]

Elder Law Attorney: Expectations Going In At the Davidson Law Group, we know the importance of truly understanding our clients and their individual goals and unique circumstances. We believe that with honesty, compassion, and professionalism we build the strongest partnership with our clients. Our elder law attorneys will listen carefully to the details of your […]

Why You Should Talk to Your Estate Attorney After Your Divorce Divorce is a messy and emotional business and can leave you open to financial loss, especially where your estate is concerned. To protect the interests of your heirs, speaking to an estate attorney after a divorce is a good idea. In fact, sometimes an […]

A Probate Lawyer Explains What to Expect in Probate Court The probate court, also known as chancery or surrogate’s court, is a unique court which handles cases specific to the management of an estate following the death of an individual. This includes the distribution of property, finances, and debts to beneficiaries. While the court ensures […]

Estate Planning Attorney Advice: Why You Should Avoid DIY Estate Planning At the Davidson Law Group, we work closely with our clients to create an individual plan that meets all your needs. We understand that the security of assets and the wellbeing of the family following a death is important. Therefore, we strongly advise against […]

An Estate Planning Attorney: Signs You Picked the Wrong Executor for Your Will To safeguard money, real estate, and personal belongings, hiring an estate planning attorney is essential. In the United States, this type of attorney offers legal advice to those who wish to be prepared in the event of a death or an accident […]

How an Estate Lawyer Can Prepare Your Will for a Reverse Mortgage Estate lawyers work closely with clients to assist in the drafting of wills and other legal documents. They are often involved in the redrafting of these documents when homeowners decide to convert home equity into money to afford retirement. In the United States, […]