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Important Rules to Remember with 1031 Exchanges 1031 exchanges are a fantastic way for your business or your investments to make changes without cashing out your assets or paying taxes. Essentially, a 1031 exchange is a swap of one business or investment asset for another like-kind asset. There aren’t limits to how many times you […]

What is Estate Planning? Our Estate Planning Attorney Explains As you get closer to retirement and especially in the first few years of retirement, you are going to hear a lot about estate planning. You will even hear about how you may need an estate planning attorney. While estate planning and finding the right estate […]

How To Find the Right Estate Attorney Estate law is often a complicated and stressful ordeal. You are not only planning for your future but more so for the future of your loved ones and at Davidson Law Group, we don’t take that lightly. Finding the right estate attorney can make all the difference when […]

Davidson Law Group Explains How To Navigate Veteran Benefits As our military servicemen and women continue to defend our country, it is our job to make sure they are properly taken care of when they get back home. Veterans are eligible for a number of military-specific benefits but these benefits and their qualification terms are […]

What are the Best Ways to Avoid Probate Court? Our Probate Lawyer Explains Davidson Law Group represents clients who are walking through the probate process, but we want to help you avoid probate court at all costs. Probate court is expensive, slow-moving, and it can cause your assets to be stuck in legal proceedings for […]

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Elder Law Attorney While it isn’t always pleasant to talk about, it is no less true that as you age, things become more uncertain. Eventually, finding an elder law attorney will be a necessity, especially for people with long-term health care needs. Aging presents a unique set of challenges […]

Why Should I Look Into A Charitable Trust? Where you put your money is an important decision. You only have so much of it, of course, so being smart with your investments is the only way to keep your financial future secure and viable. Before making any big financial decision, you should put in the […]

What You Need To Know About 1031 Exchanges Unless your career is in finance or taxes, you more than likely don’t know all of the proper terminology and lingo of the Internal Revenue Code. Outside of a 401(k), most people are fairly limited in their understanding of these complex codes, and that goes for Section […]