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A Wills and Trusts Attorney Breaks Down Farming Assets Owning and maintaining a farm comes with a lot of responsibility, not to mention a lot to consider when it comes time to write your last will and testament. As professional wills and trusts attorneys, the team at Davidson Law Group has experience in helping farm […]

A Wills and Trusts Attorney Explains Some Common Provisions In order to make sure everyone seeking a wills and trusts attorney can be informed and educated about their decisions, it sometimes pays to simplify things. Legal jargon can be extremely confusing, especially if you have rarely had to use legal services until you decided to […]

An Estate Planning Attorney’s Advice for Dependent Individuals If you’re in the process of finding an estate planning attorney, you are likely still in the early stages of the estate planning process. At this point, the more things you take into consideration now, the easier the process might be under the guidance of a professional […]

An Estate Attorney Answers: What Does Power of Attorney Really Mean? Most of us have heard the phrase “power of attorney”, but that does not necessarily mean everyone truly understands what it means. In a previous blog, our estate attorney covered the basics of choosing someone to give the power of attorney to, but what […]

An Estate Attorney Explains the Responsibilities of an Executor Technically speaking, anyone can be made the executor of a will. Despite the freedom the will-writer has to select whomever they believe is best suited, the job itself is not one taken lightly. Being the executor of a will is a significant responsibility, and you will […]

A Wills and Trusts Attorney on Contesting a Will After a Parent Passes Away Losing a parent is hard. Even when an elderly parent passes after a long illness, there is still significant grief and a long process of recovery for many of those they leave behind. Having a last will and testament written can […]