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Estate Planning Attorney Offers Advice on Special Needs Planning Estate planning is smart for any adults who want to see their assets live on in the family. An estate planning attorney from Davidson Law Group will help you make all of the appropriate preparations for your estate with little of the hassle and roundabout communication […]

Types of Power of Attorney Explained by an Estate Lawyer You may already understand the term “power of attorney,” but do you know that there are many types of power which can be legally granted to others? These varying types help deal with certain needs, such as a temporary forfeiture of power over certain decisions […]

Probate Lawyer Explains the Probate Process Once a person passes, their estate will go to probate. Probate is the process by which a will is validated. If the deceased prepared no will, then that person is considered to have died “intestate” and their estate will be distributed according to state laws. The latter scenario can […]

Power of Attorney Advice from an Elder Law Attorney While making decisions about who will be the agent for your power of attorney is difficult both logistically and emotionally, it is extremely important from the perspective of an elder law attorney that you begin planning for these things as soon as possible. The worst thing […]

Davidson Law Group Tips for Business Succession Planning Planning to pass on the operation of your business to someone is a significant undertaking. Many business owners underestimate the amount of detail that goes into such a transaction, so it is smart to seek the advice of a skilled and experienced estate attorney who can help […]

Davidson Law Group Explains Gun Trusts Gun trusts provide gun owners who wish to pass on their properties an easy way to do so without the hassle and interference of strict government regulations. The primary benefit to these trusts is that they allow gun owners to possess firearms that would otherwise require criminal background checks […]

Reasons to Hire an Estate Attorney While it may seem too early to worry about securing your estate for the future, the truth is that it is never too early to begin planning. Proactively planning for your estate, including drafting a will or trust, means that you are covered in the unlikely event of an […]

Probate Attorney Discusses Why a Person May Contest a Will Once the testator of a will passes away, their will moves to probate. Probate is the standard judiciary process of validating a will and seeing that the testator’s affairs, such as debts and outstanding expenses, are accounted for. A common complication during probate is that […]